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1) Skin Smooth - Aids in preventing ingrown hair, softens existing bumps, fights cluster bumps, revitalizes dry scalp and skin.

2) Shave Foaming Oil - A combination of a tradition shaving foam with natural oils to create the easiest most hydrating shave experience.

More about Skin Smooth -

What's inside?

Our formula contains microbial and antibacterial ingredients that attack the bacterial infection developed by the inflammation from the ingrown hair.  

How it works:

When used immediately after shaving, a keratin protein attaches to the cut hairs leading point and softens the hair follicle so that once the hair grows and curls, it does not have the leading point to penetrate into the skin.


  • Aids in preventing ingrown hair and maintains smooth skin.
  • Antibacterial ingredients reduces infection caused by inflammation.
  • Keratin protein softens hair follicles.

Shave Foam Oil Benefits - 


  • Relieves dry skin by using the purest oils to retain moisture for instant hydration.
  • Razor easily glides on the skin and protects against irritation, razor burn and development of ingrown hair.
  • Causes fewer cuts and nicks because of the greater glide factor on the skin.
  • Enables you to see where you are shaving to create a razor sharp edge.
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